Vehicle Manager 2008

Vehicle Manager 2008

A domestic version of the vehicle maintenance software database

This is a basic, consumer-oriented edition of Vehicle Manager. This edition is referred to as the Home Edition as well. The whole collection includes: Professional Edition, Fleet Edition, and Fleet Network Edition.

The functionality of all versions is almost the same, the differences being the number of users the system can hold, the functionality over a network, and the number of units (vehicles) that can be administered with the Manager. Specifically, this home edition of Vehicle Manager 2008 allows up to ten vehicles in the database, it’s a single-user application and won’t run over networks. Besides, this edition doesn’t have the Personnel tab which is present in other editions.

What this database basically does is keeps track of information about vehicles' use and service. This information includes: mileage, repairs and services, spare parts utilized, costs involved, fuel consumption, and other data. One strong aspect of this program is its extreme simplicity and intuitive interface, a basic concept of Kaizen Software.

Vehicle Manager allows users to select the measure units to be used for currency, volume, and efficiency (miles per US gallon, kilometers per liter, liter per 100 kilometers, and miles per UK gallon). The system produces several Reports which are possible to preview and print out. It’s also possible to export the information to quite a few formats.

Lionel Mira
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  • It providess a simple and intuitive interface
  • It allows creating groups of services items to expedite the assignment process
  • It creates schedules for services both in miles and dates


  • It doesn't assign parts from the catalog to service items
  • It won't allow users to create additional reports
  • It's available in English only
  • The trial has limitations in the number of records you can keep in each area of the database
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